LGBT Advocacy Group Announces Plans to “Politely Disrupt” Southern Baptist Convention Annual Convention In Effort to Get Homosexuality and Transgenderism “Removed from the Sin List”

Southern Baptist Convention President Steve Gaines encouraged prayer and evangelism in his sermon at the SBC Executive Committee meeting Feb. 20-21 in Nashville.
Photo by Morris Abernathy.

An advocacy group seeking to have homosexuality and transgenderism “removed from the sin list” announced plans to “politely disrupt” the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting June 13-14 in Phoenix.

Faith in America hopes to persuade the nation’s largest Protestant denomination to change its interpretation of Scripture, the organization said in a press release. The statement accused the SBC of marginalizing and harming lesbian, gay, homosexual and transgender children in particular.

Leaders invited to meet in Nashville

Faith in America requested a Phoenix meeting with SBC leaders, who offered instead to receive the group’s representatives in Nashville after the Phoenix convention. Offering to meet with the organization’s representatives in Nashville is not an indication of compromise, but rather an opportunity to share the gospel, said Frank Page, president of the SBC Executive Committee.

“I am always delighted to share the truths of the gospel with anyone who wishes to meet with me,” Page said. “Scripture predicts a time when people will stray from biblical truth. We are saddened when we encounter erroneous teaching and pray for a return to biblical faithfulness.”

In written comments, the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission reiterated Christians are encouraged to share Christ’s love with all people, including LGBT youth and adults.

“As gospel Christians who believe that every human being is made in the image of God, Southern Baptists have stood for the dignity of all human persons for decades,” said ERLC President Russell Moore. “At the same time, we cannot and we will not ignore the teachings of Jesus himself, as some would wish Southern Baptists and others to do.

“To minimize or adjust a Christian sexual ethic would be to abandon the very message Jesus handed to us, and we have no authority to do this. As Baptists, we want to be the first to be known by our love and compassion to those in the world around us, but we also must hold fast to the ‘faith which was once for all delivered to the saints’ (Jude 1:3).”

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SOURCE: The Baptist Standard
Diana Chandler, Baptist Press