The 2017 National Bible Bee Game Show Has a Winner! Watch the Finale Here

Three contestants competed Tuesday night to win the Senior Division Finals of the hit National Bible Bee Game Show, hosted by actor and producer Kirk Cameron.

They were the top contestants out of 70 others who were all challenged to memorize 840 Bible verses in just 90 days.

The competition kicked off at 8pm Eastern time on Facebook live. You can watch the entire finale right here:

The show has reached over 12 million views already and more than 1.9 billion people are active on the National Bible Bee Facebook page.

“Since the National Bible Bee started in 2009, I’ve been a fan and supporter,” Cameron said of the high-energy reality game show style contest. “The National Bible Bee Game Show stirs up fun, excitement and a lot of ‘intended consequences’ in homes worldwide.”

One of those intended consequences is a better appreciation of Scripture and an understanding of God’s word.

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