WATCH: Person Who ‘Used to be a Terrible Racist’ Sends Apology, $2,000 to Black Church in South Carolina

For Nicholtown Presbyterian Church, a predominantly Black church in Greenville, South Carolina, receiving donations or tithings is commonplace. However, nothing could prepare the parishioners of the church for the incredible anonymous donation they recently received.

Last weekend, when Reverend Michael Sullivan was checking the donations from the congregation, he was surprised to see a particularly large donation from a stranger who claimed they “used to be a terrible racist.”

“The letter reads, ‘Dear sir or ma’am, please accept this donation of $2,000 to Nicholtown Presbyterian Church,’” Reverend Sullivan read to Fox Carolina.

Sullivan said reading the letter gives him goosebumps because of the testimony and change of mindset the person illustrated.

“I am white and used to be a terrible racist,” read Sullivan. “Thanks to Jesus and the Holy Spirit acting through the Presbyterian Church, I have been cleansed of that.”

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SOURCE: BET, Rachel Herron