Pastor Jamal Bryant Is Reportedly Begging Not to Be Thrown In Jail Over Baby Mama’s Accusations

Pastor Jamal Bryant and LaToya Odom

The Preachers host and pastor Jamal Bryant is trying to fight his baby mama’s demands that he be tossed in jail and fully denies blowing off a court order. He even went the extra mile by demanding that his ex cover his legal fees for him having to defend himself in the first place.

According to, Bryant’s baby’s mother, LaToya Odom, demanded that the pastor be found in contempt during a court appearance, accusing him of a slew of things including not providing her with his address for their son’s medical card and being late on his payments to her.

Until he pays up, she demanded that he be thrown in jail for contempt and wants a revised court order to ensure that he pays her on time.

The reality TV pastor responded to Odom’s claims on May 15, denying that he refused to follow the court order and pleaded with the judge to not lock him up, claiming he did not fail to follow the court order.

This all dates back to 2016 when Odom sued Bryant, demanding that he pay child support for their 2-year-old son, John Karston Bryant. The pastor claimed he had already been paying with the end result of sorting their issues out outside of court. He admitted that he stopped making payments, however, when she started “harassing” him, and instead, put it in the judge’s hands.

SOURCE: BET – John Justice