False Alarm Disrupts Atlanta Braves Baseball Game

The scoreboard at SunTrust Park briefly flashed an emergency message during the Braves game on Tuesday that later was said to be a false alarm.

During the third inning of the Braves-Pirates game, a scoreboard message indicated that an emergency had been reported in the building and that the stadium should be evacuated. The message was accompanied by a loud alarm signal and flashing lights.

An altercation between fans in one of the ballpark restaurants caused a malfunction that resulted in the alarm sounding, the Associated Press reported.

When the alarm sounded some spectators started to leave their seats and players halted the game action. Once the alarm stopped, fans settled back into their seats and the game continued.

After a few seconds the message disappeared from the scoreboard and the alarm stopped.

During the fourth inning, a scoreboard message said that the earlier warning was a “false alarm” and that there was no emergency in the stadium. SunTrust Park tweeted that “everything is operating normally” and “we apologize for the inconvenience.”

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Source: AJC