Looks Like a Nicki Minaj and Tasha Cobbs Collaboration Is On the Way

In the world of rap, there are few names bigger than Nicki Minaj, and in the world of gospel there are few names bigger than Grammy winner Tasha Cobbs so it’s only right those two come together at some point for some magic, right? Well it looks like that may come to fruition soon as Nicki took to Instagram to broadcast her desire to do just that to her 80 million-plus followers.


Nicki has been toggling between pop and rap for years so gospel might just be the next stage of her progression, and in a new rap climate where Lecrae can go No. 1 and Chance The Rapper can become the hottest upstart in the industry with an album full of praise, there may be no better time than now to make the leap. Nicki announced her desire to do just that by posting a video of Tasha belting out a song along with a message saying “@tashacobbsleonard when you finish recording the album, come to my studio so I can put a 16 on one of these songs miss thang! Can’t wait for this to drop!”

Naturally, Tasha is down for the collaboration, telling Nicki in her comments “You already know. That’s gonna be BANANAS” and wishing her luck in her performance at The Billboard Music Awards.

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SOURCE: Uproxx – Bansky Gonzalez