John Gray Says God Placed Him Where He Is

Credit: OWN

The meteoric rise of John Gray, Associate Pastor at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, might make some think he had a well thought-out and executed plan.

But according to the star of OWN’s docuseries “The Book of John Gray,” it was God and not his own maneuvering, that put him on the map.

“I envy people who have a life plan, like ‘I’m gonna do this and at 35 I’m gonna be here,'” he said in a new ABC13 interview. “I think there’s some validity to that and I celebrate that. For me, when I gave my life to the Lord and I submitted my heart to ministry, I said God wherever you take me I’ll follow.”

Gray followed God right into a wide open door at Lakewood, making room for him and his wife Aventer to impact souls on a much grander scale.

But even though the charismatic preacher sets the hearts of thousands on fire through the gospel every Wednesday at a popular mega church, pastored by world-renowned pastor Joel Osteen, Gray isn’t changing.

He yet feels empowered to be himself, joking, wise-cracking and all.

“This is who I’ve been. It’s just that God chose to put me on that platform. But the platform doesn’t make you, it just exposes you. So, whoever you are will come out wherever you are,” he said.

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine News
Chelsea Howard