Hip Hop Artist Sir the Baptist Wants Music to Be Made In a Healing Frequency Reminiscent of Biblical Times

Hip Hop and R&B artist Sir The Baptist (L) pictured with singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder.

Sir the Baptist, a preacher’s kid turned mainstream Hip Hop artist, is calling for music to be made in a healing frequency reminiscent of biblical times.

In an interview with Vibe, the 29-year-old Chicago native whose music is a fusion of Hip Hop, R&B and gospel influences spoke to the publication about the need for music to return back to 432 Hertz which various cultures around the world believe promotes healing.

“We need to put music back into 432 [Hz], that’s the frequency that heals people. It’s probably the frequency that David played his harps in when he pushed away demons in the Bible days,” said the musician, whose real name is William Stokes. “We’re not even in that frequency anymore, and if you look at frequencies, it affects how your body is. Your body is maybe 80 percent water, and frequencies make it move.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Christine Thomasos