Birth Certificate Finally Reflects Restored Life of Former Transgender

It was 34 years to the day of his surgery that Walt Heyer’s restored birth certificate finally arrived in his mail reflecting his birth sex as “male.”

Heyer’s first attempt to restore his birth certificate was in 1989, after realizing his “sex reassignment surgery” was a grave mistake. He made numerous unsuccessful attempts over 28 years to restore his original certificate to “male.” In 2017, with help from Liberty Counsel, Heyer was finally successful in having his birth certificate changed back to “male,” after he had experienced numerous denials by the State of California.
Sexually abused as a boy by a family member, combined with his grandmother’s decision to secretly clothe him as a girl, Heyer struggled with gender dysphoria, sexual abuse, alcohol and drug abuse. Heyer finally experienced restoration and healing from the transgender lifestyle after he embraced a relationship with Jesus Christ. Now, Heyer publicly shares his story at numerous conferences and churches throughout the country, and he has been featured in the January 2017 publication of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’  Decision Magazine and in World Magazine in February of this year. Heyer’s work on transgenderism includes 19 articles published in and nine articles published in
“I see the tragic consequences of policies to expand gender/sex beyond male and female, in the desperate letters I receive from those who regret gender transitioning and from the families of those who are still caught in the transgender delusion,” said Heyer.
“Liberty Counsel is honored to stand with Walt Heyer,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “He is an amazing testimony of the life-transforming power of Jesus. Walt was searching for identity in the wrong places until he found his identity in Jesus. To suggest that people can change their sex like they change clothes or dye their hair is dangerous. Walt realized that neither hormone medicine nor plastic surgery satisfied the void in his heart. That void was satisfied by Jesus and his true identity was restored. Children should be affirmed in who they really are, not as the pro-LGBT activists push them to be,” said Staver.

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