Bobby Brown says Phaedra Parks Kept Him In Jail

Before Phaedra Parks was cast on The Real Housewives of Atlanta she was counsel to Bobby Brown when he was filming the reality show, “Being Bobby Brown.” 

As many of you know, Brown’s career has been wrought with all sorts of messy legal drama, and a lot of it was caught on tape. During a difficult time when he faced incarceration, the former RHOA star served as his attorney.

Parks has often been criticized for not winning cases and because of her “mediocre” law skills. Brown reflects on Parks in his book, “Every Little Step,” noting that she seemed to be more concern with the attention she was receiving as his lawyer instead of defending him.

“My lawyer at the time was a black woman named Phaedra Parks, who went on to become a reality television star on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Her later television stardom didn’t surprise me because she always seemed like she was craving attention and publicity.

Every time I stepped into the courtroom when she was my lawyer, there would always be a host of television cameras. It was as if she had her own traveling media contingent. I even complained to her about it, telling her I didn’t like having the press there every time I approached the courthouse. But it didn’t seem to deter her.”

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Source: EURWeb | Black America Web