Theresa May Tells How Her Christian Faith Kept Her Going After Realizing She Couldn’t Have Children

Theresa May has told how her Christian faith sustained her after she realised she could not have children.

The Prime Minister said it was “very sad” that she never became a mother, and told how her faith kept her going after losing both her parents in her mid-20s.

Earlier this week Mrs May and her husband Philip told the BBC1’s One Show how she had been a victim of “fake news” when a newspaper wrongly claimed the future Prime Minister had “a new baby” when she was trying to become an MP.

Mrs May was asked in an interview on LBC Radio about the impact of not having children. She said: “It is impossible to answer the question about how I would have been had I done. It has been very sad it just turned out not to be possible for us.

“Of course we are not the only couple who finds themselves in that situation and when you do I suppose you just get on with life and you know we have got nephews and nieces.”

Asked by the presenter Nick Ferrari if she would have been able to combine being a mother and a political career, Mrs May praised colleagues in her Cabinet who have juggled parenthood with their ministerial duties.

She said: “They do apply themselves to that extent. They are just very well organised and that is the key thing.”

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SOURCE: The Telegraph, Christopher Hope