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May 12, 2017

14-Year-Old Prodigy to Graduate from Texas Christian University

He may not be old enough to drive, drink or vote, but a 14-year-old boy is about to graduate from college.  The big man on campus at Texas Christian University -- Carson Huey-You -- stands 5-foot-2 and has a budding... Continue Reading →


Michelle Obama ‘Combative, Exasperated, Feisty, Peeved, and Passionate’ in Speech Lashing Out at President Trump for Gutting Her Signature Programs

Michelle Obama has made her strongest political intervention since leaving the White House, stating bluntly at a health conference: “Think about why someone is OK with your kids eating crap.” One of the former first lady’s signature legacies was an... Continue Reading →

WATCH: Texas Pastor Returns Home to Find 3 Children Dead in Tragic House Fire; 3 Relatives in Critical Condition, 2 More Expected to Recover – Please Pray For This Family

A house fire took the lives of three young children and critically injured several family members, Montgomery County fire officials confirm.  There were eight people in the home, located on Tamina Road, when it went up in flames before 4... Continue Reading →

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Issues Sweeping New Criminal Charging Policy

Attorney General Jeff Sessions overturned the sweeping criminal charging policy of former attorney general Eric H. Holder Jr. and directed his federal prosecutors Thursday to charge defendants with the most serious, provable crimes carrying the most severe penalties. In a... Continue Reading →

Trump Besieged by Internal Leaks After Firing of James Comey; Inside Divisions Come Out as Rivals Point Fingers at Each Other

President Trump is besieged by internal leaks as he tries to weather the fallout from his firing of FBI Director James Comey. Media reports about the run-up to Trump’s decision paint him as isolated and consumed by anger and paranoia, prompting questions... Continue Reading →

Moscow says it May Retaliate Against U.S. Over Expulsion of Russian Diplomats

Russia may retaliate against the United States for the Obama administration's expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats it said were spies, a top Kremlin aide said on Friday. Moscow is also waiting for the return of two diplomatic compounds seized in... Continue Reading →

President Trump Warns Comey Not to Talk to the Media; Threatens Secret ‘Tapes’ Could Contradict his Statements

President Donald Trump warned ousted FBI Director James Comey on Friday against talking to the media, suggesting there might be tapes of conversations between the two men that could contradict his account. "James Comey better hope that there are no... Continue Reading →

H. B. Charles Jr. to Be Nominated as First African American President of the Southern Baptist Convention Pastors’ Conference

Oklahoma pastor Brad Graves has announced the withdrawal of his candidacy for Southern Baptist Convention Pastors' Conference president to clear the way for Florida pastor H.B. Charles Jr. to be nominated as the first African American to hold that office.... Continue Reading →

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