Amazing Photos of the May ‘Flower Moon’ Rising

In case you didn’t get a chance to look up into the sky Wednesday night, or the clouds blocked your view of the full May “flower moon,” don’t despair. Plenty of sky watchers with a clear view of the glowing moon snapped photos and posted them on social media.

Here’s a sampling of the scenic photos we spotted as the moon was rising in the eastern sky over New Jersey, New York City and other spots in the Northeast.

Cape May Point
The images above, shot by Werner Tedesco and posted on his Facebook page, show the full May moon rising above Fire Control Tower No. 23 in Cape May Point.

Photo courtesy of Jerry Meyers of Downingtown, Pa.

Here’s a look at the full May moon rising in the sky over the giant Wildwoods welcome sign Wednesday night.


Sea Bright
Here’s the full moon rising in the sky over Sea Bright in Monmouth County, photographed by Instagram user leapingb4ilook.


A beautiful shot of the full May moon rising over the Atlantic Ocean in Avon-by-the-Sea in Monmouth County.

moonrise 🌕

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Asbury Park
Here’s the full moon rising over Asbury Park, photographed by Instagram user geoffrey.parry.

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Asbury Park (another shot)
Here’s another view from the boardwalk in Asbury Park, shot by Instagram user differentscope.

SOURCE:, Len Melisurgo