Google Developing New Operating System, Fuchsia

What do you do when you are Google and have the most popular operating system in the world? You build a new one, of course.

That appears to be what Google is doing with Fuchsia, a new OS that the tech giant has been working on since last summer. But what is Fuchsia, will it replace Android, and, most importantly, why is Google creating it?

In IT Blogwatch, we share what we know.

So what is going on? Steven Musil has some background:

Fuchsia, the mysterious new operating system under development at Google…has acquired a user interface.

The new UI, dubbed Armadillo, features a card-based design for managing multiple apps…The new interface…allows cards to be dragged around and used in a split-screen format.

Ok, we have a new Google OS, and it card-based. Where did it come from, though? Kellex has that info:

Fuchsia…is something separate from Android and Chrome OS that isn’t based on Linux and is essentially an all-Google product from top to bottom…It’s…been around since last August, but recently was updated…with UI elements that give us a preview of what Google is up to here.

Fuchsia is built on Google’s…kernel called “Magenta”…the interface and apps are written in Google’s Flutter SDK (with Google’s Dart), a Vulkan-based graphics renderer called “Escher,” and all sorts of Google’s Material Design. It’s all Google…something that can’t be said for Android.

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SOURCE: Computerworld, Rebecca Linke