Vandals Target Minot Church With Racist Graffiti

Andrea Johnson/MDN Church of the Living God associate pastors Rev. Lynda and Rev. Ensley Windham stand beside the church door. A vandal scrawled racist and anti-Semitic messages on the church Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

A vandal or vandals scrawled anti-Semitic and racist words and images across the door of the Church of the Living God sometime Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

“We’ve been here 29 years and this has never happened before,” said Rev. Ensley Windham, one of the associate pastors at the church.

Windham said one person told him the church was free of markings when he last saw it on Saturday evening. When Windham and his wife, Rev. Lynda Windham, arrived at the church ahead of services on Sunday, they found the graffiti.

Someone had drawn swastikas, a symbol that is associated with Nazi Germany, and scrawled the words “KKK” and the “N” word on the church building.

Windham called Minot police to report the vandalism and police are investigating.

“I just feel sorry for the person that did this,” said Windham.

Windham said the church is a mixed non-denominational congregation, primarily black but with white and Native American members. There are about 35 to 40 church members. Some of the members are children who have never experienced the kind of hatred and racism that are evidenced by the graffiti. Some of the adults, unfortunately, were all too familiar with it from past experiences.

“I had to explain this to some of the children,” said Windham.

Windham said he will pray for the salvation of the person or persons who committed the vandalism.

He also does not want this or worse to happen again at his church or any other church.

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SOURCE: Minot Daily News – Andrea Johnson