Benjamin Jimerson-Phillips, The Illegitimate Son of Late COGIC Bishop J.O. Patterson Sr., Clarifies Recent Interview he Did with Earl Carter About Oprah’s “Greenleaf” and Other Things

Benjamin Jimerson-Phillips

Many of you by now are aware of the interview I did with Dr. Earl Carter 3 days ago. While I am very appreciative of Dr. Carter for allowing me a voice through his program. And I knew what I was doing when I did the show because Dr. Carter is known for his abrasive style. Still I was disheartened by a few things that took place during the interview… Things that I felt were unnecessary.

#1 I agreed to do the show to talk about Oprah Winfrey & Greenleaf, and how back in the early 1990’s I gave Oprah a copy of my book: ‘Prodigal Son, Child of The King’. Shortly thereafter Oprah wrote me back a hand signed letter, telling me how much she enjoyed the book.

When the interview started I was asked about my dad: Bishop J.O. Patterson Sr., which was necessary to even establish the Oprah/Greenleaf connection. I spoke truthfully concerning my Dad, my Mother, Bishop Ford and others. And while I recognize that my dad had a weakness, and that weakness was women… Still he did some great things for the Church Org., for the poor & disenfranchised, for the education of students, and much more.

I was very disheartened by Dr. Carter’s decision to use some of the words he did concerning my dad. No child wants to hear their parent spoken about in such a manor. I’m not saying that what he said was not true. But I believe there is a way to be, and a way not to be courteous. The Scripture says Honor thy Mother & Father… My speaking the truth was not dishonoring my dad. Name calling is not in that same spirit to me.

#2 When I established that during that time period, I was working with a few entertainers: Denise ‘Vanity’ Matthews; Anthony ‘Tonex’ Williams aka B.Slade; Deleon Richards (Oprah’s god daughter). Dr. Carter focused in on name calling of Tonex as a sissy. I don’t endorse his chosen lifestyle, nor did his parents. But Tonex shouldn’t be disrespected and called fag & sissy because of how he chose to live his life. Because at the end of the day, he alone will stand before God for his decisions in life.

If anything we should be praying that he comes back home to the church and that God moves on his heart, not ridicule him. If it was just about entertainers, Denise was with Prince, Nikki Six, Michael Jackson and many others. Why not mention fornication there or adultery? Why target just Tonex?

Please don’t think I in anyway dislike Dr. Carter, he is a man I respect greatly. But I think we need to be more aware of how we treat and deal with one another. Because the world sees this, and they wonder… Why should I get into the church when they are just as bad as we are now!?!?! The commandment was to love one another and work to restore those who have fallen.

Benjamin Jimerson-Phillips

SOURCE: YouTube/Facebook