OnePlus 5 to Arrive This Summer

OnePlus has exclusively confirmed to The Verge that its next flagship smartphone will arrive this summer. Called the OnePlus 5, the new phone is a successor to the OnePlus 3 and 3T from last year. Little is known about the new phone itself, but rumors have pegged it to have a dual camera setup and high-end specs.

The phone is called the OnePlus 5 and not the OnePlus 4 because the number four is considered unlucky in China, where OnePlus is based. Though it will be the fifth phone produced by OnePlus, the company says that did not factor into its naming. One thing that OnePlus says did come into play was the number five jersey of former NBA player Robert Horry, who a number of OnePlus employees consider themselves fans of. (There are actually two paintings of Robert Horry hanging in OnePlus’ Shenzhen office.)

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SOURCE: The Verge, Dan Seifert