Microsoft to Host Another Surface-related Announcement on May 23

Just weeks after it announced its first-ever Surface-based laptop, the (d’oh!) Surface Laptop, Microsoft will host another Surface-related announcement.

The event is scheduled for May 23 in Shanghai, but there’s absolutely no details beyond the #surface hashtag in a tweet by Microsoft’s Corporate VP of Devices, Panos Panay.

See you in Shanghai. May 23. #MicrosoftEvent #Surface
— Panos Panay (@panos_panay) May 5, 2017

Several of Microsoft’s official Twitter accounts posted similar tweets, but with even fewer details. Microsoft’s official page for the event just says that May 23, the company will “show the world what’s next.”

We’re having another #MicrosoftEvent. May 23 in Shanghai. Stay tuned…
— Microsoft (@Microsoft) May 5, 2017

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SOURCE: Mashable, Stan Schroeder