Drunk NYPD Traffic Cop Drives Head-On Into Williamsburg Bridge Obstruction Killing 21-Year-Old Friend Who Was Celebrating Her Birthday

An NYPD traffic cop who drove head-on into a pillar on the Williamsburg Bridge, killing a 21-year-old friend who was in the car after celebrating her birthday, has been indicted on numerous charges. 

Stefan Hoyte, 26, was drunk and driving 111 miles per hour before the crash, say police. The speed limit on the bridge is 35mph.

Hoyte reportedly told police he was going 55 or 60mph, but an investigation found otherwise.

He is charged with manslaughter in the second degree, vehicular manslaughter in the second degree, and operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, according to a statement released by the New York County district attorney’s office.

On March 16, at approximately 3.12am, Hoyte was driving the victim and her boyfriend home to Brooklyn from a Manhattan bar, say police.

Heading south on the Williamsburg Bridge, Hoyte, who was at the wheel of a 2013 Infiniti G37, plowed into a pillar, throwing birthday girl Amanda Miner, who was in the backseat, from the car.

Boyfriend and fellow traffic agent Michael Camacho, 24, who was in the front seat, was also injured.

‘In this horrific case, the defendant is charged with drunkenly slamming into a pillar in such an unwieldy, uncontrolled manner and at such a dangerously high speed that the impact severed the victim in two,’ said District Attorney Vance.

The driver had his foot ‘100 per cent on the acceleration’ said prosecutor Christina Ante in Manhattan Supreme Court on Thursday.

After the crash, Hoyte said he and Camacho looked for Miner, who’d been in the backseat.

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Source: Daily Mail UK