Carman Licciardello Says Discouragement About Latest Cancer Diagnosis is Delaying His New CD

Popular Christian entertainer Carman Licciardello says he’s battling discouragement ahead of his upcoming surgery to remove a possible cancerous tumor on his shoulder and it’s delaying the release of his new CD.

Carman revealed that after being in remission for cancer over the past few years, doctors recently found a tumor on his shoulder. His surgery was originally scheduled for this week, but in a social media post he said the operation has been delayed.

“Now they want to postpone the tumor removal surgery from April 28 to May 8. (Ugh) Who knows why. Maybe it’s something they saw on the tests. I don’t know, but it’s starting to really get to me now. This cancer battle is no joke. It wears you thin,” Carman wrote on Facebook.

“I will tell you, when you’re hurting and fighting off the hand of death, to continue to give out, to make music, to do concerts is really hard. Raising funds is always laborious. The expectations of any new CD is high but the donations are slow in coming. And when you know you have to encourage people when you’re discouraged with you latest diagnosis, that makes it near impossible,” he added.

But Carman assured his fans that he will carry on because of the outpouring of support he’s received from others.

He concluded his message by saying that he’s working hard to live out his faith.

“I’m trying to live up to all the grand messages I wrote in my own songs, but I’ll be honest, some days it’s really, really hard,” Carman said.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post, Jeannie Law