Dallas Police Say Building is Secure After Reports of Active Shooter

Scene of an office building shooting on LBJ Freeway in Dallas on April 24, 2017. (© CBSDFW.com)

An office building in northern Dallas is now safe following reports of an armed person there Monday, police said, without commenting on whether anyone was injured or killed.

Police said on Twitter that the building was “made safe” at 12:49 p.m. Monday. Police say they are still in the early stages of the investigation.

Television footage showed a heavy police response, including a SWAT team, at the office tower near a multi-level highway interchange known as the High Five. A broken window could be seen on one of the upper floors of the mirrored building.

Bailee Christian told KXAS-TV that she heard two gunshots — one when she was still inside and another after she and her co-workers had been evacuated from the building. She said that when she heard the second shot she also heard screaming.

“It was very intense in the moment, very scary,” Christian said.

Christian, who works in a call center on the 10th floor, said her boss told everyone to hide in the back corner of the office.

“Probably about 6 minutes goes by and a police officer, a couple actually, came up to grab us,” Christian said.

She said one of the police officers had some blood on his arm, appearing to have a minor injury, but that the wound did not look like a gunshot. Dallas police have said one officer was injured by debris.

Mary Jo Nsuk, who works on the 10th floor, heard a commotion coming from below and heard police say, “Come out with your hands up.” About five minutes later, police came to the door to escort her downstairs. She left her belongings behind, including her cellphone and shoes.

“Police were doing their best to make sure all floors were clear,” Nsuk told The Dallas Morning News. “They protected people with shields and a cop was facing backwards when they were trying to get us downstairs.”

Chris Collinsworth, who was in a sales meeting on the 10th floor, says he saw blood in the elevator as police escorted them from the building.

SOURCE: The Associated Press