Former Cowboys Coach Bill Parcells ‘Was Glad’ Tony Romo Retired

It was a surprising development when Tony Romo retired earlier this month to join CBS Sports as its lead NFL game analyst. Yes, the 36-year-old QB had been plagued by injuries in recent years, but he was still considered one of the league’s best quarterbacks, and the expectation was that he would resume his career, most likely in Houston or Denver.

Instead, Romo, who spent all 14 seasons with the Cowboys, walked away from the game while he still could. His first NFL coach, Bill Parcells, thinks that was the right decision.

“I was glad he retired,” Parcells told the New York Daily News recently. “Enough is enough. You got to know, this is hazardous to your health.”

Parcells signed Romo as an undrafted free agent out of Eastern Illinois, and played a critical part in his development as an NFL quarterback.

“I really believe I handled him the right way when he was young,” Parcells said. “If I had thrown him in there, it would have been tough. He was indiscriminant. It took a while. When we got [Vinny] Testaverde down there [in 2004], it was a big help to Tony. Vinny was very meticulous, very studious, very professional in his training and his weight lifting. Tony got to see that.”

In the end, Parcells thinks things worked out well for Romo.

“We signed him for $10,000 and he made $127 million,” he said. “I said to him, ‘How did that decision turn out with the Cowboys? You happy with that decision?'”

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