5 Ways Pastors Can Reverse Negativity In a Church

Dr. Thom Rainer

“There is so much negativity in our church. What can we do?”

Some form of that question has come my way many times. The negativity may be in the form of murmuring. Sometimes it is more overt criticism and personal attacks. Yet in other cases, it is a more ill-defined atmosphere of defeat and despair.

After hearing from pastors and church leaders, I can offer five suggested paths that have proved fruitful in other churches.

1. Call for a time of prayer. “Our congregation was inwardly focused. We seemed to be constantly sniping at one another. I asked twenty people in the church to join me for thirty days of prayer, including fasting every seventh day. It was amazing to see attitudes shift so positively so quickly.”

2. Lead a major ministry or service effort in the community. “We ‘adopted’ fifty first responders in our community. One family would seek to care for a first responder for praying for him or her, asking how we could help, or even babysitting their children. We saw our congregation move from an inward focus to an outward focus.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Dr. Thom Rainer is president and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention.