Tens of Thousands of Protesters in Streets of Venezuelan Capital

Anti-government demonstrators take cover from advancing Bolivarian Police officers during protests in Caracas, Venezuela, Wednesday, April 19, 2017. Opponents of President Nicolas Maduro called on Venezuelans to take to the streets in marched against the embattled socialist leader. (AP Photo/Ariana Cubillos)

Tens of thousands of people are pouring into the main thoroughfares of Caracas in the latest anti-government demonstration in the Venezuelan capital.

Just minutes after they started on Thursday, police deployed tear gas in an effort to slow their advance.

Amid a sea of Venezuelan flags the marchers shouted: “Who are we?”

“Venezuela!” came the reply.

“What do we want?” the marchers asked.

“Freedom!” they replied.

Wilfredo Coronel, a 42-year-old priest, held up a rosary in his right hand.

He accused the government of violating the people’s right to live, food and free expression and “it’s necessary that we recover those spaces.

Source: Associated Press