Christians in America, by and large, are satisfied with the degree of religious freedom available to them – but not with much else related to life in America, says pollster George Barna.

Two–thirds of American adults are satisfied with the degree of religious freedom available in the U.S., according to the founder of the American Faith & Culture Institute. An even greater segment (72 percent) of politically engaged evangelical adults feels the same way.

Interestingly, though, that latter demographic – SAGE Cons*, Barna calls them – seems unconcerned that those religious freedoms are being eroded by a secular society and activist courts.

“A lot of the efforts that have been undertaken by so many religious groups around the country – particularly during the campaign season, but even since then – to try to talk to people about how their religious liberties are being eroded and being threatened and being attacked, that seems to be falling on deaf ears, even among Christians,” he tells OneNewsNow.

He finds that to be “shocking” among SAGE Cons.

“They are a group that is both spiritually and politically active,” he points out on the ACFI website, “but they have apparently failed to connect the dots between their fights for a more moral nation and the legal battles continually raging around moral issues and related lifestyle implications concerning issues such as same-sex marriage, abortion, transgender rights, and school choice.

“Despite their attentiveness to the daily news,” Barna continues, “they seem to be unaware of the continual and strategic assault against their ability to practice and promote their faith of choice.”

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Steve Jordahl