Saint James A.M.E Church of Fort Worth, TX, Waits 2 Years to Receive Fundraising Money from Goodwill

The Saint James A.M.E Church is big on fundraising and making a difference in the Fort Worth community — so they signed up for a Goodwill clothing drive.

The fundraiser allowed organizations to donate bins of clothing for $50 each.

So the congregation got to work and managed to fill 15 bins of clothing.

But there was a problem, they never received the funds from Goodwill.

They spent nearly two years wondering if they’d done something wrong or needed to fill up more bins.

The President of Goodwill of Fort Worth told NBC 5 Responds:

“We show that the original 10 bins were collected, but we don’t have record of the final five bins being collected. That said, I believe that this donation drive was held during a time of transition when Kristen was moving to a new position within the agency. I’m sure that this is an oversight on our part, and we will make it right.”

Goodwill did just that, sending the church a check for $800.

“We didn’t want to give up on it because it was so much work put into it. We’re a small church and everything we raise kind of helps our ministry a lot, especially with the kids,” said Cynthia Rollings, of Saint James A.M.E. Church.

The church will be using that money to send a few kids to summer camp this year.

SOURCE: Samantha Chatman