10 Years After the Murder of 3 Christians In Malatya, Turkey, a Widow’s Words of Forgiveness Remain a Vivid Example of the Gospel

Ten years ago, in the Turkish city of Malatya three Christians were martyred for their faith by men who pretended to be interested in the Gospel.

Tilmann Geske, Necati Aydin and Ugur Yüksel went to their office on April 18, 2007, to study the Bible with a group of five young men, some of whom they had known for several months. The young men, none of whom were older than 20, threatened the Christians, tied them up and tortured them. When another local Christian became suspicious, he called the police. As the police were arriving, the young men took the lives of the three Christians.

The youth were caught red-handed, arrested and tried for their crimes. The plot was later revealed to be part of a larger conspiracy in which powerful people had agreed to support the young men’s families if they would commit the crime.

In the days following, the press spoke to one of the widows, and she declared her forgiveness for the murderers. In Turkish culture, however, forgiveness is not a common trait — and it certainly was unheard of that someone could forgive such an act of evil.

So the story spread, and people across Turkey were talking about it in their homes, tea houses and places of business.

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SOURCE: Baptist Press
Ed Allen