WATCH: Katie Couric Responds to Tamron Hall, Megyn Kelly “Today” Show Drama: Says Controversy Stems from People Thinking of Hosts as ‘Family’

Katie Couric stopped by “Watch What Happens Live” on Monday night and everything was going swimmingly … until it wasn’t.

The TV personality was all smiles as she sat alongside Oscar-winning actress Sally Field when host Andy Cohen took a question from a fan over the phone.

“What do you think of the shake-up at the ‘Today’ show with Tamron Hall leaving and the addition of Megyn Kelly?” asked the caller.

Let’s just say Couric isn’t very good at hiding her emotions. Her face instantly dropped and we can’t even imagine the panic in her mind as she tries to figure out the right answer to this very awkward — and controversial — question.

“I haven’t talked to Tamron, I don’t know Tamron very well,” Couric replied. “I do know Megyn a bit and unfortunately I think people some times turn morning shows into soap operas that they’re not because they feel so intimately connected to the people on the show.”

Couric then explained further: “They feel like they’re members of their family, they get very territorial and proprietary about it, and they read things into relationships. So, you know, I think it will all work out and I think the show is great and I wish Tamron well, but I’m just not getting involved in the drama of it all.”

Andy then got in on the conversation, alluding to Katie’s incredibly uncontroversial answer: “Katie Couric for Senate.”

If you recall, Tamron Hall unexpectedly left NBC in January.

“We are disappointed she has chosen to leave, but we wish her all the best,” said the network at the time.

Her sudden departure sparked rumors that it had to do with Megyn Kelly’s arrival at the Peacock Network. The longtime anchor announced she was leaving FOX News after nearly 10 years with the company.

Kelly has stayed out of the spotlight since then, but she was recently seen at The Hollywood Reporter’s annual event celebrating the 35 most powerful people in the industry. Megyn attracted much attention, even managing to snap a few pics with new colleagues Savannah Guthrie and Lester Holt.