O’Reilly’s Fill-In Hosts Struggle to Keep High Ratings

Amid the latest New York magazine report that the Murdochs are “leaning toward” Bill O’Reilly’s ouster, executives at Fox News are undoubtedly paying attention to the O’Reilly Factor ratings in his absence — which have been less than stellar.

According to Nielsen (via Forbes), O’Reilly drew 3.6 million people for his April 11 broadcast — his last before going on vacation. The next night, Dana Perino filled in. She drew 2.8 million viewers. Eric Bolling fared slightly better the next night, pulling in 3.1 million.

Nielsen (via Rare) also had Friday’s guest host, Greg Gutfield, notching 2.32 million viewers — down 39 percent from the previous Friday. (O’Reilly typically does not host the show on Fridays.)

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