17-Year-Old Girl Dies After Shark Attack While Surfing Off Coast of Western Australia

A 17-year-old girl died on Monday following being attacked by a shark while surfing with her father off the southern coast of Western Australia. Her mother and two younger sisters witnessed the horrific event from the beach.

A spokesman at the Esperance police told The Australian that Laeticia Brouwer and her father, both experienced surfers, were “not a long way off-shore” when the attack by an unidentified type of shark occurred.

Brouwer’s father was able to bring her out of the water, where family members and a nurse who was at the beach performed first aid and applied a tourniquet to prevent blood loss.

According to local reports, the shark may have torn her leg off in the attack.

“They really gave the young girl every possible chance under such dire circumstances for a positive outcome,” paramedic Paul Gaughan said, according to the outet. “Unfortunately, in this case the injuries were just too severe.”

According to Perth Now, the teen did not regain consciousness and died at Esperance Hospital following the attack.

The Australian reports Brouwer was the third shark attack fatality in Western Australia in less than a year.

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SOURCE: PEOPLE, Stephanie Petit