Oregon Woman Arrested After Trafficking Her 3-Year-Old Child for Sex

A 27-year-old Oregon woman was arrested by FBI agents for trafficking her 3-year-old child for sex, but she claims she was trying to rob a prostitution client.

FBI agents arrested Kelsey Christine Wheeler on April 14, the Oregonian reports. According to the paper, Wheeler came to the attention of law enforcement after FBI and local police tracked down a man named Barrett Spangler, who said he had a conversation with her on a website that advertises services for prostitutes.

The two kept in touch, according to Spangler, who said that Wheeler had offered her 3-year-old child to him for a sexual encounter, if he paid $1000 and she stayed in the room.

The Oregonian reports that Spangler offered $6,000 for the encounter, and Wheeler “played along” even though she was angry about it because she wanted to rob him.

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SOURCE: TIME, Alana Abramson