Waiting on Saturday for Sunday’s Redemption


I’m in a season of waiting without an end in sight. I’m single, yet my heart desires a mate—a companion, someone to journey through life alongside me. I’ve been waiting for this person for decades, but it feels especially weighty and fresh today.

Life hasn’t panned out as I’d hoped or expected. I imagine you can relate. On this side of Eden, we all long for a variety of good things. We wait for a spouse, but are entrusted with singleness. We wait for children, but know infertility. We wait for the prodigals to come home, but feel their absence. We wait for a job, while the bills pile up. We wait for peace, yet are acquainted with conflict. All of us are waiting for something.

Stories of Waiting

We often describe our lives in terms of books and stories. I’m starting a new chapter. We weren’t on the same page. That job is a closed book now. Longing for purpose and resolution, I’ve often thought, I could endure much more patiently if I knew the purpose, if I could see the ending.

It’s part of why I love stories. I love rereading and reliving a beloved novel. I love when the pages become wrinkled and worn from vigorous turning. I love the crease in the spine that allows the book to lay flat, opened to my favorite scene. I love knowing how the story will end.

Yet as much as I enjoy experiencing books for the second or third or fourth time, there’s something special about a new novel. I read it differently since I don’t know how it ends. I experience the highs and lows alongside the characters. I’m waiting with them, trying to figure out where the story is going, but not knowing what to expect. There’s a sense of expectation and excitement to see how the author will finally put together all the pieces of the puzzle.

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SOURCE: The Gospel Coalition