Unknown Facts Behind the Filming of “The Passion of the Christ”

It’s been 13 years since ‘The Passion of the Christ’ was released in theaters. The Mel Gibson-directed film tells the story of Jesus’ last 12 hours on Earth before he was crucified, and quickly became a box office success. While the film has received a tremendous amount of praise – and criticism – it turns out that filming the project wasn’t an easy feat for a lot of the actors. Here are the unknown facts about ‘The Passion of the Christ.’

Jim Caviezel accidentally whipped
Jim Caviezel was accidentally whipped twice while hanging from the cross leaving a 14-inch scar on his back. Caviezel said the first time the blow knocked the wind out of him. The rest of the scouring scenes were done by visual effects.

Jim Caviezel struck by lightning
Jim Caviezel was also struck by lightning twice while making the movie: once was while filming the Sermon on the Mount scene and a second time reenacting the crucifixion.

Luca Lionello became a Christian
Luca Lionello, who played Judas, was an atheist but was compelled to become a Christian after filming.

Jim Caviezel separated his shoulder
Jim Caviezel separated his shoulder during production while carrying the 150 pound cross. The scene was kept in the movie.

Jim Caviezel got done up
Jim Caviezel had to wear a prosthetic nose, was given a raised hairline and his blue eyes were digitally changed to brown to play Jesus. It would also sometimes take him 10 hours to get his makeup done so to save time Caviezel would keep it on after filming was over for the day.

Jan Michelini also struck by lightning
Assistant director Jan Michelini was nicknamed “lightning boy” after getting struck during filming. One time was when he was carrying his umbrella on set, and another time was right after Caviezel got struck while on the cross.

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SOURCE: NY Daily News – Minyvonne Burke