Pastor Hart Ramsey Invites Readers To Rediscover Prayer In New Book, “Seeking Answers, Finding Rest Through Prayer”

Pastor Hart Ramsey issues a challenge to believers to cultivate a healthy and vibrant relationship through prayer in the release of his new book, Seeking Answers, Finding Rest Through Prayer.

Ramsey is empowered by the revelation that prayerlessness and prayerfulness cannot have the same results. As Jesus taught the disciples to pray, believers too can come to a better understanding of how to meet God on His terms and experience the peace of God.

Pastor Ramsey’s new podcast On Course is reaching the masses with the truth of God’s Word. “I’m excited about the new podcast, Ramsey states. “We use two formats. One uses excerpts from my Sunday messages and the other, which is my favorite, is situated as an interview format where I answer questions about relevant issues and current events.”

SOURCE: Praise Indy / Gospel Flava