From Homeless to Rhodes Scholar: The Journey of TCU’s Caylin Moore

Homeless, abused, athlete, scholar, educated, family-oriented and God-fearing are a few words that describe the life of college student Caylin Moore. How does one go from sleeping on the floor in the garage to becoming a Rhode’s scholar? In the words of Moore, “it won’t make sense on paper.”

Moore was raised in Carson, California. He spent majority of his childhood participating in activities like youth football and church. Although Moore grew up around poverty and crime, he was surrounded by the love of his mother which fueled his desire to live a different lifestyle.

“I am thankful for having my mom in my life and I am thankful for how me, my sister, and my younger brother turned out despite the circumstances,” said Moore.

Moore attended Verbum Dei High School, what he calls “a diamond in the rough.” After graduating from the college prep school, he attended Marist College in New York and began his journey to becoming a Rhode’s scholar.

Moore recalls the first time he learned about the Rhodes scholarship.

“I heard about this guy that played football at Florida State. He was a Black dude, tall and swaggy individual. I was like, ‘oh snap this dude got swag, he is a football player, and he is smart too!’ It seemed appealing, this dude was doing it all,” said Moore.

During his first semester at Marist College, Moore academically excelled receiving a 3.8. Soon, he found his way over to the scholarship office and began exploring opportunities like the Fulbright Summer Institute Scholarship which allowed Moore to study abroad at the University of Bristol in England and complete a fellowship at Princeton University.

After completing his studies abroad he came back to the United States where he attended Texas Christian University (TCU) and began seeking similar scholarship opportunities. After a reminder text message from his mother to look into the Rhodes scholarship, Moore applied and was successful.

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Source: LA Sentinel | Kimberlee Buck