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April 16, 2017

LISTEN: US Strikes ISIS With Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb (UCNN 4/14/17) 1. AP - U.S. forces in Afghanistan on Thursday struck an Islamic State tunnel complex in eastern Afghanistan with “the mother of all bombs,” the largest non-nuclear weapon every used in combat by the U.S. military, Pentagon officials said.... Continue Reading →


LISTEN: Rosa Parks’ niece refutes comparison of United Airlines passenger to civil rights hero (BCNN, 04/16/17) 1. According to TMZ, one late civil rights pioneer will always be remembered for her decision of refusing to give up her seat on an Alabama bus which lead to the Montgomery boycott. The lawyer for Dr. David Dao,... Continue Reading →

LISTEN: Mariam Ibraheem denounces Saeed Abedini’s criticism of Franklin Graham (BCNN, 04/15/17) 1. According to the Christian Post, Mariam Ibraheem, the Sudanese Christian mother who was sentenced to death in 2014, says she's "disappointed" by Pastor Saeed Abedini's public "attacks" against leading evangelist Franklin Graham, church leaders, his ex-wife and others.... Continue Reading →

LISTEN: Senator asks Trump to remove “shame list” of Christian colleges from Education Dept. website (BCNN, 04/13/17) 1. According to the Christian Post, a A Republican senator has told President Donald Trump that the Department of Education should remove from its website a "shame list" of faith-based colleges that have asked for an exemption to Title... Continue Reading →

LISTEN: Christians in Sudan face increased government scrutiny; Boko Haram kidnaps 22 girls (BCNN, 04/12/17) 1. According to the Christian Post, Christians in Sudan are facing heightened government persecution, according to a watchdog group, with authorities set to demolish at least 25 churches in Khartoum. The American Center for Law and Justice said on... Continue Reading →

LISTEN: John Gray, C. Natasha Richburg, Michelle McClain-Walters, on BC Book Review Show #284 Welcome to the BC Book Review. We are so glad that you have tuned in. The authors that we are featuring today are, John Gray, author of “I Am Number 8”; C. Natasha Richburg, author of “I See Whispers... Continue Reading →

Christian Teacher in Germany Banned from Wearing Cross Necklace in Classroom

School management has forced a teacher in Berlin, Germany, to remove a cross necklace from her attire when she's in the classroom. School administrators in the capital city enforced a neutrality law that bans teachers and civil servants from wearing... Continue Reading →

Christians in Australia Urged Not to Wear Faith Symbols After Muslim Gang Attacks

Australian Christians have been warned not to wear overtly Christian symbols through Muslim areas in Sydney or risk being attacked. Last week, a 30-year-old Greek Orthodox Christian had a crucifix ripped from his neck and stomped on by four men... Continue Reading →

UK Rabbi and Politician Shneur Odze Burns Christian Bible On Passover Eve

A high-profile rabbi and aspiring politician stirred up controversy in British media when he burned a Bible on the eve of Passover. Rabbi Shneur Odze, a 33-year-old United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) candidate for mayor of Manchester, tweeted a photo... Continue Reading →

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