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April 15, 2017

North Korea Launches Another Missile Which Failed ‘Almost Immediately’, U.S. Military Says North Korea attempted a missile launch Sunday morning local time (5:21pm ET), but it failed "almost immediately" United States military officials confirmed to NBC News. South Korea's military detected the same results, according to South Korea's Yonhap news agency.... Continue Reading →


Microsoft Says Up-to-date Users Are Safe From Alleged NSA Malware

Up-to-date Microsoft customers are safe from the purported National Security Agency spying tools dumped online, the software company said Saturday, tamping down fears that the digital arsenal was poised to wreak havoc across the internet . In a blog post... Continue Reading →

Evacuations Resume in Syria After Explosion Killed 100

A stalled population transfer resumed Saturday after a deadly explosion killed at least 100, including children, government supporters and opposition fighters, at an evacuation point - adding new urgency to the widely criticized operation. The blast ripped through a bus... Continue Reading →


Thousands of Protestors Demand Trump Release Tax Returns

Thousands of chanting, sign-carrying protesters took to the streets in cities across the nation Saturday, demanding that President Donald Trump release his tax returns, so Americans can scrutinize his business ties and potential conflicts of interest. Violent clashes were the... Continue Reading →


North Korean Test Missile Explodes on Launch

A North Korean missile exploded during launch Sunday, U.S. and South Korean officials said, a high-profile failure that comes as a powerful U.S. aircraft supercarrier approaches the Korean Peninsula in a show of force. It wasn't immediately clear what kind... Continue Reading →


Researchers Find a New Way to Extract Water From Thin Air

Researchers have come up with a new way to extract water from thin air. Literally. This isn't the first technology that can turn water vapor in the atmosphere into liquid water that people can drink, but researchers from the Massachusetts... Continue Reading →


Saturn’s Moon May be Able to Support Life

Saturn's ice-crusted moon Enceladus may now be the single best place to go to look for life beyond Earth. The assessment comes on the heels of new observations at the 500km-wide world made by the Cassini probe. It has flown... Continue Reading →


WATCH: President Trump Uses Weekly Address To Send Passover, Easter Greetings

President Donald Trump used his weekly address to issue a statement of support for Jews and Christians alike, and sent a powerful message to those who believe America is a secular state. "America is a nation of believers," he said.... Continue Reading →


Tragic: 5-Year-Old Boy Crushed To Death At Rotating Atlanta Restaurant

A 5-year-old boy died Friday after becoming stuck in between the wall and revolving floor of the Sun Dial, a rotating restaurant in Atlanta. He and his family were visiting from Charlotte, North Carolina, The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports. Authorities have not... Continue Reading →


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