When You Feel Like a Failure (A Good Friday Reflection)

Image: Maja Ruszpel | Flickr
So much of Jesus’ life, ministry and message looked like a failure. Until the resurrection.

The gospel was built on failure.

What we now know as good news started as very bad news.

It was never supposed to work.

For a long time, it looked like it never would.

It started with a young, pregnant, single girl in a backwater town too small to be mentioned in most ancient records.

She gave birth in a barn far away from home.

The most powerful man in the country tried to kill her baby.

Her people, the Jews, were ruled by an empire of such stunning strength and ferocity that a local governor could, and would, execute thousands on a whim.

They had

  • no idols
  • no monuments
  • no army
  • no right to try their own capital cases
  • no power

Just a book. Which told them about a deliverer.

But that hope was fading.

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SOURCE: Christianity Today
Karl Vaters