Southern Baptist Ministers and Theologians Address TIME Magazine’s ‘Is Truth Dead?’ Cover

TIME magazine shocked the American public on April, 8, 1966, by publishing a simple cover with one red-letter question on a black background: “Is God Dead?”

When TIME reproduced their 1966 cover design this April — now with the question, “Is Truth Dead?” — Southern Baptist ministers and theologians reaffirmed their confidence in the eternal truth of the living God.

“Truth is not dead,” Owen Strachan, associate professor of Christian theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, told The Pathway.

“Humanity has an unshakable thirst for truth. Truth is burned on our hearts and imbued on our brains. People are starving for truth today. They are living in the wreckage of a world that has willfully gouged out its eyes to truth.

“But we who preach Christ have the means of salvation and surety. I believe in days ahead that many will disagree with us, but that our promotion of absolute truth, a coherent worldview, and a Savior will prove irresistible to many left in the wilderness by postmodern education.”

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SOURCE: Baptist Press
Ben Hawkins/Missouri Pathway