The Most Important Lesson Older and Younger Ministers Can Learn from Each Other

Image: Sheila Sund | Flickr
If I had one chance to tell younger and older ministers how to treat each other, here’s what I’d say.

I’m not as old as I used to be.

I just turned 57. A mere 25 years ago, when the average pastor’s age was 44, my current age would have made me an older minister.

Today, with the average pastor being 54, I’m in middle age.

In recent years as I’ve traveled and spoken with thousands of ministers, I’ve had a unique view of how ministers on both sides of the age gap treat each other. Some of those relationships have been great. Some… not so much.

At times, we seem so far apart, we might as well live on separate planets. But, beneath it all, we share more in common than most of us realize.

Young or old, we love Jesus, we love people, and we have a passion for our calling. But we sure approach our calling in very different ways.

The factors that make a young/old relationship either great or bad are as complex as the people involved, but I’ve seen one reason rise to the top, leaving all other factors in the dust.

How we listen to each other.

Specifically, things go much better when we listen like this:

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SOURCE: Christianity Today
Karl Vaters