Alabama Woman Who Set Up Fake Facebook Account to Keep Track of her Niece Finds Out that she is Plotting to Kill Her

A concerned aunt found out that her own niece was secretly planning to have her murdered after she catfished her online.

Patra Williams from Alabama in the US invited her troubled niece Marissa Williams, 22, to stay with her after she was released from a juvenile detention centre.

But she became worried after Marissa showed no interest in her school work and only wanted to meet up with boys.

Patra decided to set up a fake Facebook account in the name of Tre ‘Topdog’ Ellis – a male colleague student so she could befriend her niece online and keep tabs on her.

But after Marissa began exchanging messages with who she was thought was Tre she revealed how she was plotting to kill Patra.

And for the first time Patra has spoken of her shock after finding out her niece’s chilling plan on the Channel 4 show My Online Nightmare.

The ordeal started in 2014 when Patra set up the fake online account in the name of Tre after she realised all Marissa wanted to do was meet up with boys she met online.

The pair started exchanging messages and Patra used the account to try and glean information from her niece.

After exchanging messages and finding out that Marissa was willing to drink alcohol and take drugs, Patra banned her niece from leaving the house after she set up a pretend date with Tre.

But when Marissa took to Facebook afterwards to message who she thought was Tre, she wrote: “I feel so trapped, she won’t let me see you! F*** my auntie.

“B**** don’t know s*** about me. I’m going f****** crazy. You gotta get me outta here. I hate her, I hate everyone here. I know how I can see you, come to the house and kill my aunt.”

And after Marissa went into detail how her pretend boyfriend could come into the house and kill her aunt, a petrified Patra made the difficult decision to call the police.

Patra said: “I’m thinking no this isn’t real. In the instant she said “yes I want you to kill them all and the dog”, she reiterated it.

I was really scared, I truly was. She was so callous about it and specific.

“I remember hitting all three of those buttons, 9-1-1. I had a lump in my throat, I don’t remember speaking cohesively. The other person on the end was trying to make sense about it, they wanted to know if it was real.”

Later Marissa was arrested and was gobsmacked to learn that Tre was really her aunt.

She was later charged with solicitation to murder and taken to the local county jail.

However, while on probation she ran away and is still on the run.

SOURCE: Jennifer Newton 
The Sun