Evangelist Says Key to Successful Evangelistic Crusade Is Unity In the Body of Christ

An expert on mass evangelism contends old-fashioned crusades like the ones Billy Graham held “back in the day” aren’t a thing of the past.

Evangelist Rick Gage travels across the country and around the world preaching the gospel to lost souls by working with local churches, primarily in rural areas, to host evangelistic crusades. Gage, whose father Freddie was also evangelist, points out that even in urban areas, well-known evangelists like Franklin Graham, Greg Laurie, and others are seeing thousands come to Christ through mass evangelism.

“It’s a lot easier to get an unsaved, unchurched person to come to a football stadium to hear the gospel then it is to [get them to] come to an 11:00 church service on Sunday morning,” he says.

Gage tells OneNewsNow that an evangelist is a gift to the local church – and that the key to a successful evangelistic crusade is unity in the body of Christ.

“Our goal is always to get all the like-mined churches to come together – to work together, pray together, fast together – for the purpose of reaching the crowd that’s not going to our 11:00 services on Sunday morning,” he describes. “And we know from experience [that if] you get a lost man to a football stadium to hear the gospel, chances are very high [he is] going to get saved.”

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SOURCE: OneNewsNow.com
Bill Bumpas