Colorado Parents Adopt 4 Siblings Who Match in Age With Their 4 Biological Children

Photo credit: TAMMIE HIGGINS

When parents Tammie and Josh Higgins found a set of four siblings up for adoption who amazingly matched up in age with their own four biological children, they couldn’t believe it.

“My husband saw their pictures online and was like, ‘These are our kids, I just feel it,’ ” Tammie, 36, tells PEOPLE. “We just knew it in our hearts.”

The couple had always talked about expanding their family through adoption and the discovery of Rudy, 14, Ruby, 12, Grace, 10 and Ruben, 8, online felt like “fate.”

So the family, who lives just outside of Denver, went through the motions of adoption preparation: They completed paperwork, met with the kids multiple times and gradually assimilated the siblings into their home.

In May 2015, the siblings moved in with Tammie, Josh, 38, and their four kids: Macee, 14, Kaden, 12, Lincoln, 10 and Mylee, 8. And in November the adoption was finalized.

Photo credit: TAMMIE HIGGINS

“It feels like we are a complete family,” says Tammie. “Everyone felt so meshed in and found their place in our family just amazingly well.”

Tammie says that the transition was surprisingly seamless.

“Our biological kids were on board and very, very supportive. We wouldn’t have done the adoption if everyone wasn’t on board,” she says. “In most people’s eyes, four kids is a big family, but we felt like we’ve got this under control, we’re good we can handle some more! We didn’t’ realize how huge of a leap it would be, especially learning how to parent kids who have come from trauma and troubled pasts.”

But Tammie says her biological kids were instrumental in helping Rudy, Ruby, Grace and Ruben feel at home.

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SOURCE: PEOPLE, Rose Minutaglio