AT&T Adds HBO for Free to Unlimited Plus Data Plan

In the wireless war to win you over, AT&T may have just found its nuclear weapon: free access to “Game of Thrones.”

The carrier said Wednesday that customers who subscribe to its “Unlimited Plus” plan will get HBO thrown in at no extra cost. Customers with an AT&T DirecTV or U-Verse TV account will get the premium channel added to their lineup, while wireless-only customers will get access through the DirecTV Now or HBO Go app. The promotion kicks in Thursday.

The promotion represents the latest move to entice customers to switch wireless carriers. Over the past few months, T-Mobile “eliminated” the taxes and fees on its unlimited plan, Verizon brought back its unlimited plan with no limitation on video streaming (which T-Mobile quickly matched), Sprint went and undercut both, and AT&T lowered the price on its own unlimited option. This is a far cry from a few years back, when the carriers were reluctant to talk about an all-you-can-eat option.

Under the promotion, new and existing customers will get HBO. If you’re an AT&T video subscriber who already pays for HBO, you will no longer be charged for the channel.

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SOURCE: Cnet, Roger Cheng