11-Year-Old Boy Kills Himself After Suicide Prank Online

Tysen Benz (Credit: Prayers to Tysen/Facebook)

Police say criminal charges have been brought against a juvenile in Michigan after an 11-year-old boy killed himself following what the boy’s mother claims was a social media prank.

Authorities in Marquette, Michigan, confirm that an unidentified juvenile is charged with malicious use of telecommunication services and using a computer to commit a crime after the boy was found unresponsive on March 14.

Marquette police declined to identify either juvenile involved and said only that the boy who died was “engaged in communication with another juvenile via social media prior to the incident.”

However, Katrina Goss tells PEOPLE it was her son Tysen Benz who tried to kill himself that March day — though he did not die until this week.

Goss claims that the child who is charged is a girl that Tysen knew, who faked her own suicide on social media as a prank soon before her son killed himself.

Goss says the accused juvenile was Tysen’s girlfriend.

Tysen’s mom says the accused juvenile allegedly faked her own suicide using various social media sites and also allegedly used social media accounts of her friends to circulate the rumor of her suicide.

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SOURCE: PEOPLE, Chris Harris