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April 1, 2017

Bus Crash Tragedy In New Braunfels, Texas Inspires Overwhelming ‘Compassionate Response’

The setting sun over New Braunfels, Texas, on March 30 found First Baptist Church holding a vigil on its lawn in remembrance of the 13 senior church members killed in a tragic bus accident the previous day in Uvalde County... Continue Reading →


WATCH: Bishop T.D. Jakes Shares His Secrets to Preaching; Provides E-book ‘The Art of Preaching

It is a blessing to share God's word. For years, I've been asked how I prepare for a sermon and how I deliver it from the pulpit. Today I'm sharing my strategies exclusively with you. But I have one request... Continue Reading →

Rev. Glenn Shepherd to Retire Soon from Leading Morris Brown A.M.E. Church in Philly

After three years of leading positive change, Morris Brown A.M.E. Church is woefully counting the days until the retirement of its pastor, the Rev. Glenn Shepherd. Shepherd, who is credited with stabilizing church’s finances and building on its culture of... Continue Reading →

Mayor of Ferguson Seeks Third Term in Challenging City

Ferguson's leadership has changed drastically since the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown put the St. Louis suburb at the center of the debate over the treatment of blacks by the nation's police forces. The one constant has been Mayor James... Continue Reading →

Black and White Pastors Are Coming Together to Fight Silent Deadly Heroin Addiction

In recent years, Pastor Bob Wagner has found himself conducting more funeral services for people he never met. “The last one was a young mother of two,” the Moxham Lutheran Church minister said. “It’s tragic.” That scenario has become far... Continue Reading →

1 Child Killed, Several Others Sicked by Carbon Monoxide Leak at Michigan Hotel

Authorities say a carbon monoxide leak caused by a malfunctioning pool heater at a southwestern Michigan hotel has killed a child and sickened about a dozen other people, including seven other children and several police officers. The Niles police department... Continue Reading →

Funeral Held at Mount Zion Baptist Church for New York Man Fatally Stabbed in Racially Motivated Attack

Loved ones who gathered for a funeral Saturday in Queens honoring a man prosecutors say was killed by a stranger in a racially motivated attack, remembered him as a generous person, and hoped his violent death will motivate others to fight... Continue Reading →

Many African-Americans Are Putting Their Money in Black Banks

Greg Akili had just finished paying for his $9 tuna melt at a diner in South Central Los Angeles when his waiter lingered to chat. Akili's debit card — featuring a painting of a black youth wearing a hoodie and... Continue Reading →

“What Color Is Your Parachute?” Author and Episcopal Priest Richard Bolles Dies at 90

Richard N. Bolles, a former Harvard physics major, Episcopal priest and career counselor whose own twisting vocational path led to his writing “What Color Is Your Parachute?,” the most popular job-hunter’s manual of the 1970s and beyond, died Friday in... Continue Reading →

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