Oxford, Mississippi, Police Searching For Suspect who Killed Father of Five

For ten days, Carolyn Hill watched over her son, Kenya, in the hospital after he was shot four times on Sand Hill Drive in Oxford.

“I thought he would get better, because he seemed like he was better.”

But things took a turn for the worst. The father of five died from his gunshot wounds.

That’s when she remembered the three promises she made to him.

“One is to always love him`till the day I die. Second is to take care of his children, and the third is make sure the person who shot and killed him does not go unpunished.”

It’s that third promise that consumes Hill and her family these days. The Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office continues to search for 27-year-old Chris Paten, who also goes by the name Chris Caine.

But even after a $2,500 reward, he continues to elude authorities.

“It`s frustrating because we know that there are people who know his whereabouts,” said the victim’s pastor, Reverend Sherod Bryant.

He’s urging those people to pick up the phone and tell investigators everything they know.

Kenya Hill’s aunt also had a message for the fugitive.

“Just turn yourself in, `cause one way or another, you will be punished,” said Van Williams.

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SOURCE: WREG Memphis – Luke Jones, Eryn Taylor