Mormon Blogger Promotes Alt-Right Racial Views but Is at Odds with Her Own Religion

Mormonism is doomed if it continues to celebrate racial and ethnic diversity, to support refugees and immigrant families, and to debase Western, white culture.

At least that’s the view of one Latter-day Saint, a blogger named Ayla, who tweets as Nordic Sunrise and “Wife With A Purpose” — despite the fact that her church disagrees with her on all those points.

Still — because the mother of six has nearly 22,000 Twitter followers, has been interviewed multiple times on radio and maintains a strong presence on social media — some see her as representing a “growing” alt-right LDS subculture.

For Exhibit A, Ayla singles out James the Mormon, a rapper who shares his faith via music.

“Just as inner-city Chicago used to be full of hardworking Christian[s], Poles, Germans and Irish but is now overrun with black, ghetto culture,” she writes in a recent blog, “it seems Mormonism and Utah are the next target for cultural destruction, and what’s worse, the Mormons themselves are welcoming it.”

James, aka James Curran, who did not respond to a request for comment, may not “cuss or rap about sex (at least not yet),” the blogger argues, but his video was promoting “violent, inner-city thug culture and its lack of traditional values. It was also erasing our strong Mormon musical culture.”

Ayla condemns James for being “pro-refugee” and regularly tweeting “in support of bringing more refugees into our country.” She also critiques him for promoting powerful women, supporting National Public Radio and embracing Black Lives Matter, which she calls “a terrorist organization.”

“Equality of cultures is a false God,” the self-described “radical traditionalist” writes. “The culture and values promoted by James the Mormon do not reflect what is best for Mormon youth. He should not be given promotion within our homes or church.”

Much of Ayla’s content “fuses Mormon concepts with alt-right themes,” writes Jim Dalrymple on BuzzFeed.

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