Google Chrome Browser Has a Special Way of Pointing Out if You’re Using Incognito Mode Too Much

Whilst originally designed as a way for people to buy secret presents for their partners or to Google things they were too embarrassed for anyone to know, incognito windows are used by a vast array of people to watch porn.

Yes, Google Chrome’s incognito mode allows you to browse porn to your heart’s content and your laptop or phone will store no evidence of it.

And it appears the brains behind Google are well aware of the function’s main use.

When you open 100 incognito windows, a smiley or winky face appears.

Instead of the normal tab counter in the top right-hand corner, users will see the cheeky face.

A winky face – 😉 – appears on Android devices, whereas iOS users see a normal smiley – :).

Google seem to be poking fun at prolific users of incognito windows but it’s unclear why the faces appear.

According to Mashable, it could be that the app wasn’t designed to have more than two characters in the number of tabs field so rather than displaying three digits, they use a face instead.

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SOURCE: Rachel Hosie