Uber Whines About ‘Blacks and Hispanics Not Holding Leadership Positions’ in the Company (Hey, Y’all Didn’t Hire Any!)

For the first time, Uber released diversity figures for its employees—which does not include its thousands of drivers, whom the company considers to be contract workers.

Like many other Silicon Valley companies, Uber’s labor force—in particular its tech staff—is overwhelmingly male and largely white.

According to a series of figures posted Tuesday, the company even called out the fact that its leadership “is more homogenous… no Black or Hispanic employee holds leadership positions in tech.”

The report also includes new terms that refer to various employee groups, such as its Jewish (“Jewbers”) and Black employees (“UberHUE”). Such neologisms have drawn some ire on social media.

The company’s conclusion was obvious: “This clearly has to change—a diversity of backgrounds and experience is important at every level.”

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Ars Technica